Janoah Van Kekem

About Janoah

Well one thing I’m not is a spiritual guru levitating around in a robe, although I do have the legs for it. As a sceptic, it took me to see the science supporting meditation (over four decades worth), then experience the benefits both personally and in people around me. I had always associated meditation with religion or having to join a cult. I was also under the illusion that meditation was about clearing your thoughts which is basically impossible, it’s not about this at all.   

I moved through several industries and roles including hospitality, corporate IT, sports and alcohol sales and management, but never felt I was operating at my fullest potential. I always felt I could be more productive, happier, and more intelligent.

I realised that not only do most of the high performers around the world meditate, but you can do it anywhere and still remain engaged in the world. That’s what made me decide to learn and then become a teacher.  

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