About Janoah


Currently based in Sydney, I learnt Vedic Meditation in 2014 and have since spent my time practicing regularly, and further researching and refining the technique.

I had always been exposed to aspects of ‘spirituality’ from a young age but always associated it either with religion, cults or hippies, neither of which were that attractive to me, and so I never gave it the time of day.  The word "meditation" for me meant some weird thing that monks or people in robes did and there was absolutely no way of stopping the thoughts going on in my mind.

I've moved through several industries and roles including hospitality, corporate IT, sports, alcohol beverage sales and management, but never felt I was operating at my full potential. I never felt quite right, I always felt there had to be something more, a better way to live... surely! No matter the pay rise, holidays, parties, partners, new clothes and so on, the feeling of fulfilment never lasted long, and unbeknownst to me I was just piling stress and fatigue on my body which was affecting my ability to live at my most creative, engaged and happy self.


Being a naturally sceptical person it took me a while to open up to the idea of meditation. I am a very social person, and didn’t want to lose my ability to be relevant and still very active in the world I lived in. 

The turning point for me was discovering a common thread between some of the most successful, productive and inspirational people both that I knew and around the world. They all had some form of meditation practice but were very much still relevant, engaged and ‘real’.  That inspired me to shift my thinking around meditation and learn. Once I started meditating it changed my life, and, I also noticed the amazing impact it had on others around me. This is why I decided to undertake study to teach Vedic Meditation and its integration into our modern lives.

If you are interested in learning more about the practice, CLICK HERE to register for a casual free intro talk.