ONLINE: Meditation and Mindset Course

ONLINE: Meditation and Mindset Course

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Beginners or anyone who has tried meditation before but never seemed to feel like it was working or was doing it right.  Maybe you’ve tried an app or a guided one at the end of yoga, this course takes things to the next level. I teach in a way to thoroughly explain and guide you through the process to make you a self sufficient, consistent meditator, no longer held back by feeling overwhelmed, anxious or that crazy negative mind that never stops.  Think you can't meditate? Perfect neither did I.

Past Student Testimonial:

‘I was hesitant to invest, as I hadn't had the best experiences in the past. Janoah has a no-bullshit approach, is extremely relatable and welcomes questions / comments without judgement. I've experienced severe anxiety on and off for 5+ years and this has been the most effective treatment / tool I have ever used. The course is the best and I couldn't recommend it more!’


Decreased Stress and Anxiety

Increased Awareness and Intuition

Increased Clarity and Focus

Increased Calm and Relaxation

Connection and Confidence With Self

Develop Consistent Daily Practice


Weekly Zoom Call

Recording of Zoom call incase you miss

Mantra Meditation Practice

Mindfulness Tool

Positive Mindset Reframe

Calming Breathing Tool

30 Min One on One Call

Values exercise

Visualisation and Manifestation 

The 'TRIPLE M' Method: Beginning as a skeptical, non-meditator held back by stress and anxiety, this method his is a combination of the most powerful techniques and knowledge I have picked up over the last 8+ years from personal experience, meditation and continuous study.

MEDITATION This is creating the foundation; we make you a self sufficient meditator and go deep to remove the build up of stress, tension and fatigue in the nervous system while creating more bandwidth in the mind.  We remove the barriers from the past.

MINDSET: Phase two we weave in a new program, understanding how to shift away from negative thoughts and calm the mind, rewiring a different outlook coming from a grounded optimal positive mindset. We shift the reality in the now.

MEANING: Without meaning and alignment what are we doing here? We move through the process of getting clear on our values, purpose and align it to our behaviours.  From a position of clarity we create and manifest our future world.


The course runs for 6 x consecutive live workshops on Thursday nights via Zoom:

*All workshops are recorded and sent to you incase you miss one

One on One Coaching call (45 minutes) Book agreed time during course

Past Student Testimonial:

‘Love Janoah's vibe. I was always a little intimidated to learn to meditate. Thinking my concentration was so bad that I'd feel silly if I had 'thoughts'. But Janoah's method is so easy and within weeks you find your groove. Now I don't see Meditation not being part of my life. Highly recommend’


GROUP COURSE: At set times, as noted above:

Upfront: $695 | Payment Plan: 12 x Weekly Payments of $60

PRIVATE COURSE: At agreed time, where we can dive deeper into specific areas you would like to work on: 

Upfront: $1500 | Payment Plan: 6 x Monthly Payments of $275

COUPLES COURSE: At agreed time, where we can dive deeper into specific areas you would like to work on together, this is an amazing way to strengthen connection in relationships. 

Upfront: $1950 | Payment Plan: 6 x Monthly Payments of $335

If you are keen to begin the journey to a new and improved life book at the top of the page.  


(Click start date in drop down above to select date to book, or if it is private we will confirm times upon booking, or you can email me: )



Launch: Thursday 4th Feb 7pm AEDT

6 x Weekly Thursday night Workshops (plus recordings sent out)

Final Session: Thursday 11th March 7pm AEDT



Launch: Thursday 15th April 7pm AEDT

6 x Weekly Thursday night Workshops (plus recordings sent out)

Final Session: Thursday 20th May 7pm AEDT

If you want to enquire about a payment plan just send an email to: