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Workloads are increasing and burnout, stress, fatigue and overwhelm are now common experiences in the workplace (reference)- impacting performance and quality of life.

  • Stress costs Australian businesses over $10 Billion a year (reference)

  • 75%-90% of doctors visits and and 50% of job absenteeism is caused by stress (reference)

  • For every $1 spent on effective mental health programs there is $2.30 ROI in performance (reference)

  • Meditation makes employees happier, more productive, better equipped to handle conflict and have better interpersonal skills (reference)

  • Meditation reduces burn out and improves job satisfaction (reference)

It is the responsibility of business leaders to invest in their staff for the benefit of employees and the organisation.

I combine my experience working in a range of different industries with my knowledge of Vedic philosophy, science and mindsets to deliver a program that both educates and empowers your staff to understand and cope with stress and to cultivate an environment of cohesion, creativity, happiness and productivity.

I can create bespoke programs, or workshops pending business needs, time and budgets or implement one of the below.

Programs and Workshops

Be Better: Intro Workshop

-Approximately 75 minutes

I host an entry-level discussion with practical take away tools. Discussion includes:

  • My personal story on dealing with stress, anxiety and negative thought patterns, and how meditation helped

  • Understanding stress, the ego and mind body connection

  • Growth mindset and take away action steps

  • Meditation / mindfulness fundamentals

  • Mindful meditation clarity technique

Up-level: Mindset Program

-Each workshop is approximately 90 minutes

The below workshops consist of a mix of knowledge and take-away techniques, strategically designed to build upon the previous workshop. Workshops can be done stand alone depending on the needs of your business.

Part 1:

  • Understanding stress and the mind body connection

  • Working with the ego

  • Growth mindsets

  • Meditation and Mindfulness fundamentals

  • Calming Technique

Part 2:

  • Expansion of consciousness; what does this look like?

  • Discussion around creativity and living in creation

  • Following charm and personal evolution

  • Preference based thinking

  • Clarity technique

Part 3:

  • Joy and happiness; the fundamentals

  • Speculation, suffering and resilience

  • Positive Mindsets

  • Understanding connection and cultivating team cohesion

  • Positive state change tool

Part 4:

  • Defining success and defining purpose

  • Living with intention

  • Goal setting

  • Manifestation and influencing your reality

  • Manifestation and goal setting exercise

Peak Performance: Meditation and Mindset Program

Targeted at management, executive and leadership groups.

This is designed for high performers. A comprehensive program including the full mantra based meditation technique followed by in-depth knowledge and take away tools.  The program is aimed at releasing built up stress and fatigue in the body while giving staff tools to up-level their performance and cultivate stronger team bonds. The workshops can be altered in collaboration with your business and its needs.

Part 1: Intro Workshop

(approx. 60 mins)

I host a discussion with all participants covering:

  • My personal story and experience with stress and meditation

  • Understanding stress and the mind body connection

  • How this technique of meditation works compared to others and what to expect for the course.

Part 2: 3-Session Meditation Course

(approx 2 hours each day over 3 days)

I teach a mantra based meditation technique to your staff designed to remove stress, tension fatigue out of their systems (click here for more info on the course)

Part 3: Group Follow up Workshop

(approx 90 -120 mins)

  • Group meditation

  • Check in and follow up on participants practice

  • Choice of one of above workshops

Please email here if you would like to discuss any of the above corporate programs or options.


‘Janoah hosted a workshop during our national summit to help us look at ways to unwind during manic working periods we often experience. His approach felt like something that could realistically be implemented in and around the working day, quickly helping us understand how meditation can be used by everyone regardless of the environment.

Our staff responded really well as it helped them to understand how to deal with both work-related and personal stress we carry around each day. I've since seen a genuine improvement in energy levels and creativity amongst the team and It's helped us to open up a dialogue which will ultimately result in improved team morale.

I've since made recommendations internally to implement his program with other key members of staff and departments within our business.’