Janoah Van Kekem - 3 Day Meditation Course

The Course

In person only.

I will teach you the philosophy and practicalities of how to meditate for best results. We workshop how to fit it into your life and you walk away as a self-sufficient meditator. No need to be guided each time or having to plug into an app.


Course Outline:

Day 1 (approx. 1hr) – One-on-one OR small groups: We discuss what you are looking to gain from the practice, then I do a short ceremony where you receive your mantra and you meditate for the first time.

Day 2 (approx. 2hrs) – Group Session: Group meditation. We discuss some Vedic concepts, the mantras and history in more detail. We workshop your first experiences to make sure you are on the right track.

Day 3 (approx. 2hrs) – Group Session: Group Meditation. Your body will have started releasing stress and fatigue so we discuss what this looks like with some neuroscience and how to deal with it going forward. We also dive into how to get creative with your practice and things to be aware of as you continue your meditation journey.

Follow up – As part of the course fee you are invited to attend any group meditations I host as well as receive a follow up one-on-one call with me if you require. I am here on-going to guide you through the process.

Re-Sit - You are also free to resit the course with me at any time free of charge.

Your Investment (all inc. gst)

- $1000

(payment plans available)

Bridging Course - $500 *if you have already learnt Vedic or T.M. through another teacher you can do a bridging course with me.

Private Course - $2500 for first person in group, $1000 for each extra person.  You choose the time, location and anything in particular you would like me to focus on.

For Kids-

Anyone from the age of 5 upwards can learn, there are several options of courses and there are concessions available for children and students please get in touch to discuss.

Shouldn’t meditation be free?

When it comes to spiritual practices there’s often awkward questions around money. I get it. Can you really put a price on such a powerful tool you will have for the rest of your life? I have.

Meditation is a valuable  skill. Teaching it is another skill that takes a long time to learn if done properly.  

If you can’t afford it but you are really keen to learn, get in touch and we can work something out - payment plans are totally fine.

For more info or to book a session email here.

Janoah Van Kekem - Advanced Technique

Private Workshops

1 hour session.

Online and in person (max 2 people)

Keen to explore the world of meditation and mindset but not ready to sit the full course? Or are you interested in taking a deeper dive into your current practice or a particular area of your life? I can create a workshop specific for you. Now let’s be clear - I am not a psychologist and have not been trained as one nor should this be a substitute. I am all about increasing performance and happiness while not taking things too seriously.

Before the session I ask you to provide me with some information regarding what you would like to work on. From there I prepare an outline for the session with flexibility to take a different direction throughout if needed.

Fee: $200 (inc. GST)

For more info or to book a session email here.

Janoah Van Kekem - Private Mentoring

Advanced Techniques

If you have been meditating regularly with either T.M or Vedic and are looking to up-level your practice check out the options below.


In Person only.

Rounding is an advanced technique that incorporates a potent combination and specific sequence of asanas, pranayama breathing, meditation and rest to give your body an extensive stress release and deeper meditation. The course will give you the skills to practice it on your own as a compliment or up-level to your current practice.

Rounding Workshop: 90 minutes

Fee - $250 per person (inc. GST)

(for groups of 2 or more receive a 20% discount)

For more info or to book a session email here.

Advanced Mantra - 90 minutes :

In person only.

This is open to all Vedic Meditators who have been practicing for at least a year with their first mantra and want to take their meditation to the next level.  The sessions include:

  • Discussion on your current practice

  • Particulars you wish to expand on

  • Ceremony similar to when you received your first mantra

  • Receive your advanced mantra

  • Meditation: we will meditate together

  • Discussion around moving forward with your new practice

For more info or to book a session email here.

Fee: $600 (inc. GST)