Group or one on one sessions

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The Practice

The modern meditator is someone who wants to be a more engaged, dynamic, happy and creative person in all aspects of their lives – work, family and social, without the crippling hindrance of things such as depression, anxiety, fatigue and other symptoms of a stressed nervous system.

The technique I teach is based on Vedic Meditation. It is ideal for people who are busy, who don’t have the ability or time to sit cross legged for hours, but are still looking to gain the benefits of meditation.

Every time you sit to meditate, it’s an opportunity to focus on yourself.  Vedic Meditation uses a specific mantra effortlessly whispered internally which naturally moves you to deep states of rest – deeper than we can get to during sleep – allowing the body to dissolve the build up of stress, tension and fatigue.  It does not require you to stop your thoughts or clear your mind.  All you need is 10-20 minutes (ideally twice a day) and the ability to sit comfortably and close your eyes.

If you want to find out more, come along to one of my free introductory talks where I go into further details on the practice itself, the benefits and answer any questions you have.


Why Meditate

A regular meditation practice will clear out the built up stress and fatigue in your body and give you the opportunity to be a more engaged, dynamic, creative and happy person throughout all areas of your life.

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If you are someone who is too busy to meditate, that’s even more reason to do it.

The brilliant thing about where we are today is that benefits of meditation that have been claimed for years are now being supported by modern day science. This is hugely responsible for the massive increase in people meditating today.  It is now a normal part of millions of peoples’ lives, no longer just something for hippies (well I always thought it was for hippies...), or people living in monasteries.

A regular meditation practice will clear out the build-up of stress and fatigue in your body and will allow you the opportunity to perform at your optimal level in all areas of your life.  The practice is easy and can be done basically anywhere.

  • reduced stress levels , anxiety and depression
  • better sleep
  • reduced addictive behaviours / bad habits
  • increased clarity, creativity, learning ability and memory
  • increased energy, overall health and immune function
  • increased feeling of happiness
  • increased consciousness / awareness
  • improved physical performance
  • slows and reverses the aging process

This practice has had a profound effect on my life, and many others around me, but by nature I am a sceptic so I like to see the evidence of any claim, below are some interesting links.

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